What Wilson says:

In this revolutionary new layup, Wilson braids Basalt with carbon graphite fiber throughout the entire frame. Since Basalt is so elastic, it allows the racquet's hoop to flex in ways that improve feel, dwell time and control.

What it really means:

Basalt has been used for many years by Wilson. The BLX technology incorporated basalt fibers along the length of the graphite core of the racquet's frame. The frames could absorb more of the unwanted vibrations, while maintaining the rigidity and stability of the frame. Now, by braiding the same durable, lightweight and insulating basalt among the graphite fibers, there is an increase of vibration absorption while increasing the flexibility of the frame. What's more, the frame can now flex multi-dimensionally. In other words, most other racquets can only flex forwards and backwards. Wilson frames, with this braided composition, can flex side-to-side as well.

Bottom Line:

Wilson's Braided Graphite + Basalt can lead to greater feel, arm comfort, ball-to-string dwell time and shot precision.

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