Stringer's Feature

The perfect string for players looking for a low powered string but without the ultra stiff feel of a standard polyester. Head’s unique manufacturing process allows them to create a softer feeling string whilst still retaining the characteristics you would want from a polyester.

A premier multifilament string with a lot of positives. Not only is it supremely comfortable and powerful, but it has a special low friction coating which allows the mains to move more freely and snap back into place which can enhance spin and add durability unlike any other multifilament strings.

For a limited time:

Choose either string in our Racquet Stringing Service and we'll string it at Syn Gut Pricing!*

String Up a NEW Racquet

*Some restrictions apply. "Syn Gut Pricing" refers to stringing costs for Head Syn Gut PPS. Offer only applies to stringing service's Head Hawk Touch and Head Velocity stringing options.