Racquet Customization Services

We would like to welcome Tomas Stilwell to the Merchant of Tennis family as our Head Stringer. We are extremely excited to have Tomas on board to bring his extensive international racquet stringing and customization experience to the Merchant of Tennis.

Tomas is our lead stringer, ensuring all other staff are trained in the latest techniques and equipped with the tools they need to satisfy each customer’s unique racquet service needs.

Tomas is certified by the ERSA (European Racquet Stringers Association) as a Pro Tour Stringer Level 2. There are currently fewer than 50 people in the world with this certification, making Tomas a member of an elite group of racquet technicians.

Tomas is currently a member of the Yonex, Babolat UK and Apollo Leisure Stringing Teams. When Tomas isn’t travelling to string at professional events such as Wimbledon and the Australian Open, you will find him in our Toronto or Oakville retail stores.

"Racquet customization isn't just for tennis professionals anymore."

Tomas and our team of certified racquet technicians are able to assess and alter your racquets to enhance the frame's performance. Traditionally reserved for touring pros, we are proud to offer these exclusive services to our clients of all skill levels.

Racquet Diagnostic Services:

Using our state-of-the-art Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Center (RDC) we are able to determine your racquet's weight, balance, swingweight and flexibility. We will provide you with a detailed print out with your racquet's specifications and inform you of the different customization options available to you.

Racquet Customization Services:

We are excited to offer a number of different racquet customization services to our clients. Using our extensive knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to match multiple racquets to ensure each racquet has the same key specifications. We can also customize a racquet to a set of target specifications that you have determined will best suit your style of play. 

To go over the different racquet customization options available please visit one of our retail locations and speak with a racquet service technician. Alternatively, you can book a one on one consultation with our Racquet Service Manger by emailing Tomas.

Other Racquet Services:

Benefit of re-griping:

Players generally underestimate the importance of their racquet's grip. A fresh and properly installed grip can have a big impact on the performance of your racquet. A worn-out grip increases the potential for strain due to the need to grip the racquet tighter. Thus, a fresh grip will increase overall comfort.

Re-gripping and Overgripping:

We offer many grip options to freshen up your racquet's base grip or overgrip. We can recommend the best grip for your hand type (sweaty or dry) and can install the grip for you with no installation charge for a grip purchased from us.

Grip Build-up:

We can build-up you racquet's grip using heat-shrink sleeves. These sleeves come in two different thicknesses - 1/16" (to build up your grip by half of a size) and 1/8" (to build up your grip by a whole size). These heat-shrink sleeves are the best way to build-up racquet handles as they retain the racquet handle's bevels and add very minimal weight. There will be a $10 charge to build up a grip.

Replacing Bumper Guards and Grommets:

Replacing a worn bumper guard can prolong the life of your racquet and replacing broken grommets can save your string from breaking prematurely. Bumper guard and grommet strips are specific to each racquet. However, we stock a wide range of bumper guards and grommet strips. Contact us at service@merchantoftennis.com to see if we have a bumper guard and grommet strip for your racquet. 

Cost of Services:

Service Cost Service Time*
Racquet Customization $40 per racquet Up to 3 business days
Bumper Guard Replacement $30 (includes guard and installation) Up to 30 mins.
Grip Build Up $15 Up to 30 mins.
Racquet Diagnostic No charge Up to 10 mins.
Grip Installation No charge with purchase of grip Up to 10 mins.

*Times given are estimates.

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