Racquet Stringing

Professional Stringing Service

Head Stringer

Head Stringer, Tomas Stilwell brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the Merchant of Tennis team. Tomas has been stringing racquets since 2008 and has been a part of the team since July 2016.

Tomas is our lead stringer, ensuring all other staff are trained in the latest techniques and equipped with the tools they need to satisfy each customer’s unique racquet service needs.

Tomas is certified by the ERSA (European Racquet Stringers Association) as a Pro Tour Stringer Level 2. Currently, there are only about 20 of these certifications in the world and it can only be attained after 5 years of stringing on the tour. This makes Tomas a member of an elite group of racquet technicians.

Tomas has spent many years stringing for the world’s best players on the ATP and WTA tours, working on all the major teams at the biggest events around the globe. Tomas has strung at all four grand slams (including leading the team at the Australian Open), the Olympic Games, numerous ATP/WTA 1000s, 500s and 250s and is currently the stringer for the Canadian Davis Cup Team.

When Tomas is not stringing on tour, you will be sure to find him in our Toronto or Oakville retail stores. We are extremely excited to have Tomas on board and bring his international racquet stringing and customization experience to Merchant of Tennis.

Racquet Service Team

The Merchant of Tennis stringing team provides professional service in-store and online. We have a group of individuals specialized in stringing racquets. Whether it is racquet customization, building up grips, advice on racquets, technology and string tension, the Merchant of Tennis stringing team can help you.

Canadian stringers who have USRSA Master Racquet Technician

Stringing Machines

In the late summer 2017 we took possession of the latest Babolat Stringing machines, extending a partnership with Babolat that has seen us through over a decade and seven editions as official on site stringer at the Rogers Cup.

The new machines come in three different set ups (Perf, Perf Link and Ultimate Link) replacing the Star 5, Sensor and Sensor Expert. We currently have two of the Perf Link machines in our Bayview store (the only place with these machines in North America) and a Perf machine in Oakville. Those familiar with Babolat’s previous machines will see that the classic 6-point mounting system is unchanged, remaining simple yet effective, and they still remain the most accurate of machines right down to 0.1Kg, but beyond that there are some major upgrades. The traditional turntable has been replaced by a slick, 360 degree rail that allows the clamp bases unrestricted movement meaning that stringers are able to work in a way that was impossible and unthinkable before. The tension head now automatically grips the string before pulling tension, distributing the pressure on the string better. The clamps don’t have to be adjusted anymore as they automatically sense the gauge and apply the correct pressure. The menu systems are also far improved with the option of either a touch screen or a reconfigured monochrome screen which makes endless scrolling a think of the past.

These machines are currently the machine of choice at both Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

Online Stringing Service:

Available with all new unstrung racquets on our online store.

  • The option will show next to the "Add to cart" button while viewing applicable racquets.
  • Pricing is shown during selection process and in-cart.

Ship In / Drop Off Re-Stringing:

With this service, you can pay for your re-stringing services online and either ship or drop off your racquets to us. Click to read more

In-Store Stringing Service:

Labour charge per racquet:

  • Tennis racquet: $25 + tax
  • Squash racquet: $25 + tax
  • Badminton racquet: $30 + tax

You may provide your own string or select from our wide range of strings.

Certification: U.S.R.S.A - Master Racquet Technician (MRT) 

In-Store Stringing Club Details:

Cost: Free of charge

Stringing: Every 4th racquet stringing free

  • based on your average stringing value
  • does not include Natural Gut strings

Expiry: None

Limit: No limit of free stringings earned

Perks: All Club members will receive:

  • access to exclusive strings (new to market, test strings, etc)
  • ability to have your racquet strung at any of our locations or events
  • you'll have your racquet strung by our USRSA certified Master Racquet Technicians

Sign Up: Sign up in-store today!

Exclusion: Currently only available with in-store or event stringing services

Visit us at our Toronto or Oakville locations to take advantage of the stringing service the tour professionals have relied on at the Rogers Cup in Toronto!