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Nike has been a major player in the tennis shoe market since 1973. Over the years, many legends of tennis have provided crucial feedback to the development of their shoes. Read more in "A Brand History: Nike Tennis Shoes"

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Nike Zoom Vapor Shoes Lightweight on-court manoeuvrability combined with comfort. The Nike Air Zoom Vapor 11's are lower to the court, loaded with speed components to enhance feel and agility.  
Nike Zoom GP Challenge 1 Shoes Designed to support energetic play, these shoes have ample stability for aggressive movements and plush comfort to keep you moving until the very last point.
Nike Zoom GP Challenge Pro Shoes Designed to bring the comfort and stability of the GP Challenge shoes to a more budget-friendly construction.
Nike Zoom Vapor Pro Shoes Nike has made every effort to connect you to the court with these light, speedy and high performance shoes that feel like an extension of your foot.
Nike Court Zoom NXT Shoes Designed for comfort and support that feels light, these shoes are a popular choice for a wide variety of players.