What Prince says:

In an ever changing world of tennis, it is time for more stability. TeXtreme is an advanced, super thin carbon fiber fabric that maximizes the strength-to-weight ratio. By weaving the cabon fiber in a 45 degree box weave pattern, named Spread Tow, makes it possible to achieve thinner layers laminates. Straighter fibers with reduced crimp optimize and strengthen the composite. Lower crimp reduces the amount of excess plastic, thereby reducing the overall weight of the racquet.

Prince TeXtreme reinforced racquets offers increased stability, improved control, enhanced power, plus incredible feel. This is real technology you can see and feel. 


The Experts' opinion:

We found all of the Prince TeXtreme racquets to have a very solid feel as well as being very stable, even when returning the hardest of struck balls. We also found all of the TeXtreme racquets to have exceptional feel on all shots and from all areas of the court.


Compared to Older Prince technology:

The Prince TeXtreme racquets have a slightly firmer feel compared to similar models from previous Prince lines, especially those previous racquet possessing the EX03 technology. However, we found this increased stiffness to be a positive rather than a negative, as we believed it gave the racquets slightly more "pop" and improved stability and feel.

Compared to other brands:

Although these racquets are slightly stiffer than some of Prince's previous racquets, they are still quite flexible compared to comparable racquets from other brands. A quality Prince racquets have always been know for. We found the TeXtreme racquets also posses a higher level of stability compared to similarity weighted racquets from other brands.

Bottom Line:

We think the TeXtreme technology will be a great addition the Prince family of technologies. The increased stability and improved feel this technology adds to these racquets will be beneficial to most players and playing styles.

Most players should be able to find a stick they would be happy to use within Prince's initial offering of TeXtreme racquets. However, we are excited to see how this technology will translate in future racquet offerings from the brand.


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