What Wilson says:

By drilling the grommet holes parallel to each other there's increased string movement. This dramatically increases the sweet spot by up to 27%. Giving you more comfort, responsiveness and a forgiving feel on every shot.

What it means:

Without changing the head size, the forgiveness of the racquet increases. This allows for greater rally consistency and power potential.

The Experts' opinion:

We agree with Wilson’s assessment of the improved Parallel Drilling technology. Although this isn't a new concept from Wilson, Parallel Drilling has been added to most of the 2015 frames. In our play-tests we noticed the sweet spot was easier to locate and comfort was optimized.

Since we were better able to hit the ball in the ideal hitting zone, we found we had to put less effort into our shots. As a result, our rally consistency increased. Furthermore, with longer rallies, we noticed less arm discomfort than previously experienced.

Each of our play-testers noticed improvement on their groundstrokes, volleys and serves. The added string movement from Parallel Drilling added more pop to their shots.

The advantage of Parallel Drilling is you're able to hit longer, with greater consistency and comfort.

Compared to previous models:

With everything else being equal, the added string movement has aided the performance of all of the frames, but especially the ones with Spin Effect Technology (S.E.T.) For example, the 2014 Juice 100S has been designed to produce significantly more spin without changing your swing. This is done by opening up the string pattern, allowing for more string movement. In the 2015 versions, Parallel Drilling works with S.E.T. to further the string movement, providing greater spin potential and off-centre shot consistency.

Compared to other brands:

It has been our experience that Wilson racquets offer a more traditionally-feeling racquet as compared to other brands. In general the way the frames are constructed, it offers a more solid feeling racquet that requires more work from the player. As a result, Wilson racquets are known for their consistent performance year-over-year. However, with Parallel Drilling the racquets have added comfort that can prolong play without compromising on expected performance.

Bottom Line:

Without changing the specifications and overall performance that's expected from Wilson frames, Parallel Drilling increases the rally consistency and power potential of most 2015 racquets. If you like the way Wilson racquets play but want a larger sweet spot you need to try one of four upgraded series. 

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