What is Adaptive?

Head's new Adaptive technology put's the benefits of racquet customization in your hands. Combining the Graphene Touch Instinct Adaptive racquet or the Graphene Touch Speed Adaptive racquet with their corresponding Adaptive Tuning kits opens up a myriad of different customization possibilities. From string pattern, weight balance and even length, players can match their racquet's specifications to their playing playing style.

Customizing racquets using the Adaptive Tuning Kit is fun and is restively simple. The Tuning Kits come with 3 different grommet strips with varying weights and string patterns, 3 different spacing rings that allow you to lengthen the racquet by 5, 10 or 15 mm. and a weighted but-cap insert that allows you to easily add 10 grams of weight to the racquets handle. Never before has this type of racquet customization been so easy for players to do at home without out expensive machines and tools!  

For information regarding the installation of the Adaptive Tuning Kit you can find video tutorials on our YouTube Channel.  

What is Graphene Touch?

HEAD has re-engineered their GrapheneXT, which is the world's strongest yet lightest material, and added a unique shock-absorbing material called Kraibon to the frame construction. The result is GrapheneTouch which provides less shock thanks to faster vibration reduction after ball impact.

What is Kraibon?

Kraibon is a rubber dampening material designed by German manufacturing firm Kraiburg. It is a lightweight material re-enforced with rubber that was designed to improve the durability and the vibration of composite materials. It was used in the construction of the new GrapheneTouch material that was placed in the next generation of HEAD racquets. Head has patented a process to seamlessly bond Kraibon material onto the Graphene carbon to produce a strong racquet that is extremely plush feeling.  As of January 2017 GrapheneTouch is available in the Speed Series and Instinct Series of racquets. 


What does HEAD say?

We had an opportunity to chat with Tammie Sangster our HEAD Canada Customer Service Manager and she shared her insights about the new technologies

Q: How does Graphene Touch differ from GrapheneXT?

Graphene Touch continues to use Graphene technology but HEAD has modified the Graphene layup with a material called Kraibon. It reduces the vibration in the frame. Vibration has sound. The racquet plays better by controlling the vibration. This will make the racquet sound better as well as make it more solid, giving the player better touch and feel.

Q: What are the benefits of the Adaptive racquets?

The main benefit of the HEAD Adaptive racquets is versatility and customization. It allows you to personalize your frame to your own specifications. One can make the frame longer, heavier as well as change the string pattern. This can be done in a few simple steps. There are approximately 32 different tuning set-up combinations that can be done with each racquet. Imagine one racquet that offers the player 32 different set-ups.

Q: How will Adaptive impact the the player's performance?

Adaptive will let the player change the specifications of the racquet to suit their game. This could be done in between matches as the player sees fit. If a player believes they need a longer frame or heavier frame – they can make these changes. In long run this will allow for the player to take one racquet and make it play differently. HEAD has created an Adaptive website that allows players to chose what they would like and receive instructions on how to make those changes. You can find the website here

Q: Will other HEAD frames get the have Adaptive in 2017?

Head currently offers both the Speed and Instinct with the Adaptive concept. One will have to wait and see which future models will incorporate this Adaptive technology and what you might be able to do next to customize your racquet to suit your game. Stay tuned (no pun intended).

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