Almost as important as finding the correct tennis shoe, is knowing when to get rid of your old shoes. It is very difficult to put an exact length of time on how long a pair of tennis shoes should last, or for that matter, how many kilometers a pair of shoes can cover. However, there are a few key signs that will help you determine when it is time to replace those old shoes with a fresh pair.

There are three areas you should examine:

  1. Tread
  2. Upper portion
  3. Cushioning


If the tread on the out-sole of the shoe is showing significant wear (tread pattern is less distinct, or non-existent), it’s likely that your out-soles are worn out. Worn out-soles can result in unwanted slipping on the court which can lead to injury.

Upper Portion

If the upper portion of the shoe is worn out, (there are holes or the original structure is not the same) it will result in a lack of lateral stability and support. This can make you susceptible to injury.


Over time, the cushioning will break down and become more compact. Therefore it will lose its ability to absorb impact. Without proper cushioning, you may experience foot, knee and lower back pain.

Bottom Line: 

If you’re not sure if your tennis shoes need to be replaced, bring them to one of our in-store Experts, or send us a picture on Facebook or Twitter.

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