What Head says:

Building upon the addition of Graphene, the strongest yet lightest material in the world, Graphene XT features a 30% stronger material structure. It’s been engineered to optimize the racquet’s weight distribution to where players need it most. As a result, racquets with Graphene XT feature a 10% better energy transfer for a higher ball speed and faster game.

The Experts’ opinion:

We agree with Head’s assessment of their new Graphene XT technology. In our play tests of the new Head Graphene XT racquets, we found that with the same effort, we were able to produce more power with these racquets than with the previous Graphene models. By adding a lightweight, strong material like Graphene XT to the centre of the racquet, the weight distribution (balance) of the racquet changes, without changing the overall weight of the racquet.

The advantage of Graphene XT racquets is you no longer have to sacrifice power for control.

Compared to the 2014 Head Graphene technology:

With everything else being equal (racquet frame, string type and string tension) we found that Graphene XT racquets produced a different contact feel. The 2014 Head Graphene racquets felt more muted, while the 2015 Head Graphene XT racquets felt more lively.

Compared to other brands:

It has been our experience in the past, Head racquets tend to be more flexible than other brands across most of the racquet categories (with exception to their Game Improvement racquets). This translates to a slightly lower power potential than to comparable racquets from other brands. However, we found the Graphene XT racquets have noticeably more “pop” and power than the previous versions, without sacrificing much of the flexibility that Head has become known for.

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for a racquet that’s flexible, control-oriented without sacrificing power, you need to try the 2015 Head Graphene XT racquets.


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