Choosing The Right Wilson String 

Natural Gut / Hybrid

Wilson Champion's Choice 

Wilson Champion's Choice is a pre-packaged hybrid set of two strings; Wilson Natural Gut and Luxilon ALU Power Rough. This unique duo combines the ultimate playability of a high quality natural gut with the durability, spin and control of a textured polyester string. This is also the string hybrid of choice for Roger Federer.

By interchanging which string is used as the mains string (vertical), or the crosses string (horizontal), you'll change the way the racquet performs. For durability and control, we recommend you use the Luxilon ALU Power Rough as the mains string. The main strings tend to break the most frequently, therefore by using a polyester in the mains you'll enhance the string bed's overall durability. For a softer feel and added touch, use the Wilson Natural Gut as the mains string. By using the more flexible and arm-friendly strings in the mains, more impact is absorbed and less is translated to the arm contributing to a better playability.


Wilson NXT Control

The Wilson NXT series is one of the most popular and comfortable multifilament strings on the market. Based on its unique composition, Wilson NXT Control offers the best of both worlds - added durability with comfort.  The multifilament string is constructed of many polyamide and polyester fibers. The addition of polyester fibers adds stiffness, control and durability to the string's performance. Additionally, the string is coated with a textured polyurethane resin for added spin potential. For those who like Head FXP Tour string but would like a more soft feel, Wilson NXT Control is a great alternative.

Wilson NXT Comfort

Wilson NXT Comfort is Wilson’s best-selling premium performance string and the most soft and comfortable strings in their entire line. It has a classic multifilament build with over 1,600 fibers and is coated with a textured polyurethane resin for added spin potential. Its high resiliency means it snaps back into its original place after the ball is released from the string bed, giving added string tension maintenance. Although it is not the most durable string, NXT Comfort provides ultimate comfort and feel and is a ideal choice for players who suffer from tennis elbow.

Wilson Sensation

Wilson Sensation is another multifilament string from the Wilson line of strings. The construction of the string with highly elastic nylon fibers that relay power and reduce the vibrations for comfort. Although not as soft as Wilson NXT Comfort, it is more comfortable than Wilson NXT Control. It is a great option for players who are looking for good value and a playable alternative to a natural gut string.



Wilson Syn Gut Power

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power is a solid core synthetic gut string with high energy wraps for a livelier response. The wrap construction offer a more durable package than the standard multifilament string, plus a combination of power and control. Although there is overall less playability than Wilson's multifilament strings, Wilson Synthetic Gut Power has a consistent, not stiff feeling and is well-suited for players who want all around performance. Plus, this string comes in many colours, for those who want to have some fun with their racquet. 

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