Using The Right Ball

The Dunlop Squash Ball range includes four different balls of the highest specification that are suitable for various standards of play to ensure every player gets the most out of their game. Using the correct ball not only enables the player to develop the correct technique and squash specific skills, it also results in longer rallies to further improve fitness and movement around the court and makes the sport more fun for all skill levels!  


This remains the official squash ball of the WSF, PSA, WISPA and Squash Canada, endorsements which ensure that Dunlop is the only ball used in all international professional competitions. It is most suitable for professional, tournament and good club players. The Pro is identified by a double yellow dot.


This squash ball is designed for club players or for use on very cool courts. It is the same standard size as the Pro but has a 10% longer ‘hang-time’.


This squash ball is aimed at occasional or recreational players. It is 6% larger than the standard and has a 20% longer ‘hang-time’ than the Pro squash ball. It is ideal for players looking to develop their technique as it is livelier and doesn’t require the player to hit the ball as hard to retain bounce.


The Intro squash ball was developed to ensure that players enjoy their initial introduction to the game and are able to quickly and easily develop correct technique and therefore improve their skill level. The Intro ball is 12% larger and has 40% longer hang-time compared to the Pro.

Elite Doubles

Recommended for all levels of doubles play, tournament and recreational. Designed for hard ball doubles in all temperatures. Highly visible both on your local doubles courts and in tournament play all over the world.

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