Like racquets and shoes, the types of tennis balls your child uses can aid in their tennis skills development. As your child grows taller and stronger with more fully developed strokes and hand-eye coordination, they will gradually be able to handle a tennis ball that is closer to an adult ball. Junior tennis balls fall into four classes: foam, red, orange and green dot. Each is progressively firmer than the previous one. Subsequently, as the ball gets firmer, the height of its bounce and the distance it travels down the court increases. Matching the correct progressive tennis ball to your child’s needs will promote longer rallies, greater consistency and a more positive experience on the court.

Foam Tennis Balls

Foam balls are the first of four progressive tennis balls. As the largest and lightest in the series, it is the easiest for children to make contact with. However, due to their larger size and lightweight, these foam balls are not as optimal in windy conditions (you may consider the "Red Tennis Balls" instead). They are designed for 36′ courts and for children 8 years of age and under.


Red Tennis Balls 

Red balls are slightly larger than the standard ball and travel 75% slower. They are designed for 36′ courts and for children 8 years of age and under.


Orange Tennis Balls

Orange balls are the same size as the standard ball but travel 50% slower. They are designed for 60′ courts and for children ages 9-10.


Green Dot Tennis Balls

Green dot balls are the same size as the standard ball but travel 25% slower. They are designed for full-length (78′) courts and for children 11 years of age or older.

Find our collection of Junior tennis balls here.

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