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This string is one of HEAD's softest multifilament strings due to its high fiber count - over 1300 fibers in total. In general, the more fibers (or filaments), the more stretch the string has means a softer feel. This string is also coated in a special resin to prevent friction for more durability. Less friction means a greater "snapback" and an increased spin potential. This string is most comparable to the Wilson NXT string, however, it will likely last longer.

HEAD Velocity MLT

Another great addition to HEAD's collection of multifilament strings. Velocity contains 1000 fibers in the centre, with an outer wrap of 80 fibers. In addition, it is coated in a special resin to prevent friction for added durability. This construction means it is less soft than Reflex MLT, but it will offer more control and longer-lasting. This string is most comparable to the Wilson Sensation string - in both feel and durability.

HEAD Rip Control

Rip Control is a spin-oriented string. With its multifilament core, Rip Control offers a soft feel, with enhanced touch to the player. Not only does it also offer a dual wrap around the core (for added durability) but the wraps are textured with nylon and polyolefin ribbons. This unique texture increases the grip on the ball, further aiding in Phase 2 of Spin Generation (see Figure 2). Overall more rotations per minute are achieved with this string, as compared to its non-textured counterpart.


This highly unique string offers the best of both worlds of string. By combining multifilament and polyester fibers this string has increased durability, compared to basic synthetic guts, and decreased stiffness, compared to standard monofilaments. The core is made up of four Fibre Gel core strands, which is wrapped twice with multifilament strands. Overall, this is very comfortable string that still offer the player control.



HEAD Sonic Pro

Sonic Pro is one of the most control-oriented strings on the market. This string was designed with two different types of polyester material to create a softer feeling string with enhance tension maintenance. The added exterior coating also increases spin potential. At Phase 1 of Spin Generation, Sliding, the coating allows the ball and strings to slide further down at a greater ease (See Figure 2), generating more spin.

HEAD Sonic Pro Edge

Sonic Pro Edge is comprised of the same material as Sonic Pro, including the exterior coating. However, this string is pentagonal-shaped. The five sharp sides help bite into the ball. It works with the coating to optimize Phase 1 of Spin Generation (See Figure 2). Overall there is more spin potential with Sonic Pro Edge, as compared to Sonic Pro.

HEAD Synthetic Gut PPS

PPS is a very good all-round string, designed for the recreational player. Overall, this string offer great arm comfort and response. This is due to the sold core and multifilament wrap design. 




This medium firm polyester monofilament offers players a very spin-friendly, durable option. As compared to other polyester monofilaments, Lynx is a softer string that allows for a quicker snapback effect. During the last phase of spin generation, the strings snap back into their original place as the ball releases from the string bed (see Figure . Greater and quicker snapback means more rotations per minute on the ball. More spin potential is generated. 

This string will offer a greater crisp feel and power potential than Gravity or Hawk string and is for intermediate to advanced players.


This premier polyester string offers a high amount of snapback and bite into the ball. This means greater spin potential and rotations per minute for the ball. This stiff string is most comparable to Luxilon Alu Power and 4G, however, it is a softer option than the latter.

Hawk contains Crystal Core technology, a dual region string construction that allows for different properties within a monofilament string (see Figure 4). The larger outer region contains long and aligned molecular chains to generate stiffness and energy efficiency. This in turn releases more power and explosiveness. Meanwhile, the smaller crystalline inner core adds some vibration dampening and touch to each shot. This newly developed, innovative progress from HEAD sets this string apart from conventional monofilament polyester strings. 

Furthermore, with this construction each shot will have a consistent response, regardless of stringing tension or shot strength. By being able to adapt to differing tensions and power levels, Hawk can maintain its elasticity to allow the player to generate power and speed.

Compared to Head Hawk Touch, HEAD Hawk is a more power-oriented string option for a powerful baseline player.

HEAD Hawk Touch

This polyester string is the softer version of HEAD Hawk. Although still designed with the innovative Crystal Core technology, the inner region of the monofilament string takes up more volume, as compared to the outer region. This allows for even more dampening and touch, increasing the control level of the string - as compared to HEAD Hawk. 

Additionally, Hawk Touch becomes slightly softer at higher stringing tensions or when the ball is hit hard. This increases the touch and feel and allows the player to have more control or to execute a bigger variety of shots. 

HEAD Hawk Touch is designed for the versatile high performance player, looking to add control to their game.

HEAD Gravity

This pre-packaged monofilament hybrid string offers two different polyester strings for two different purposes. The main string is triangular in shape, which provides a greater bite on the ball. By using a shaped string, there is a higher ball-to-string friction, increased movement of the strings, wider ball trajectory at release and overall greater spin potential.

The cross string is circular in shape and is softer and smoother. This allows the main strings to slide more easily, and to a greater extent, which amplifies the first step of spin generation - Sliding. It also enhances the third, and final, step for spin generation - Overspinning. When the main strings can move across the cross strings with less effort and more speed, there is a faster snapback. This produces a greater overspinning effect, and more rotations on the ball on release (see Figure 3).



Figure 1

Visual Summary of the Difference Between All HEAD Multifilament Strings Carried by Merchant of Tennis.

Figure 2

Visual Summary of the Difference Between All HEAD Monofilament Strings Carried by Merchant of Tennis

Figure 3

Cross-Section Illustration of HEAD Crystal Core Technology



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