Choosing the Right Racquet Bag

You’ve got your new tennis racquet, now you are going to need a tennis bag to transport your racquet(s) and gear to and from the courts in style! In this post we highlight some of the most common questions we receive at our store and provide you with some insight as to which bag is right for you.

One racquet plus a little gear

A three racquet bag is great for the club player who lives close to his or her club and only needs to carry their racquet to the courts. They have one main compartment and don’t offer much extra space. If you want to carry some other items that you need, such as your shoes or a change of clothes we suggest looking at a backpack or bigger bag.  This is also a great size bag if you need to stand it up in a locker and not take up too much space.  If you think a 3 racquet bag is perfect for you find view our selection here.

“Is there something that is small and can fit all my stuff?”

If you are looking for something small and versatile that can fit your racquet, and provide you with some storage space a backpack or a tote is a great option. Most backpacks are designed to carry one racquet, so if you have two frames remember you take away gear space in the bag by adding an extra racquet. Some of our designer tote bags from Ame & Lulu offer more space and are very stylish. You can find all our backpacks here and our totes here.

couple racquets some gear

Having extra space can’t hurt, it is better to have extra space then not enough space. The greatest benefit of having extra space is that you can bring all your equipment with you to the court. Racquet bags that can store 6 racquets are likely to have two large compartments, which is great for storing your shoes, towel and anything else you may need.

“I only have one racquet, why do I need a 6 or 9 racquet bag?”

Most 9 pack bags come with a temperature control system that helps to manage the temperature in your bag. A major benefit of the temperature control compartments is that it helps to maintain your string tension and helps protect your racquet from extreme weather. You can find our 6 racquet bags here and our 9 racquet bags here.

multiple racquets lots of gear

Some players have many racquets, especially competitive juniors. They can carry more than 4 racquets in their bag at a time. Players prefer to keep their clothes and their racquets separate from each other as it is easier for storage and not getting your equipment entangled with you dirty clothes. The benefit of having a 12 racquet bag is that there are usually three compartments to help you keep your racquets separate from your other on court necessities.

“Who has 12 racquets, why do I need such a big bag?”

Most of the bigger bags have built in shoe compartments where you can store your dirty shoes away from everything else in your bag. If you’re looking for a bag that can store all your racquets and equipment in separate compartments a 12 racquet bag would be perfect for you. You can find all our 12+ racquet bags here.

Storing your tennis bag

We don’t suggest storing your racquet bag in the car for long periods of time as the extreme temperatures inside a car can play havoc with the playability of racquet strings and even on the integrity of the racquet frame. However, if you need to store your bag in the car for shorter periods of time look for a bag that has climate control material in the racquet compartment.

“Does it matter where I store my bag?”

View all our bags that have climate control here

When playing on a clay court your shoes will get dirty and you might not want to put your shoes in your tennis bag.To help you keep your clothes and equipment clean from clay and ball fuzz you can get a shoe bag. They can hold one pair of shoes and socks, keeping them separate from all your other clothes and equipment. Check out our shoe bags here.

In 2017 Wilson released the Super Federer DNA Bag. This bag has all the bells and whistles that you can imagine. This is a 12 racquet pack bag that has 3 compartments, 2 of which feature temperature control technology that will protect your racquets. It features a hard shell case for added protection and provides lots of space for extra clothes and accessories.

“What is the holy grail of tennis bags?”

The coolest thing about the bag that it comes with a solar panel and battery pack that will help you charge your tennis sensors or phone if you run out of juice on the court. The bag also features a travel pillow.  This bag is perfect for traveling competitive players who want a bag that can power their game on all fronts.

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