Low Pressure Balls

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These balls are easier to control than a regular pressure tennis ball. Whether you are a new tennis player gaining their feel, or an advanced player looking to play in a smaller space, these balls will get the job done.

Foam balls (Penn QST Foam & Wilson Starter Foam) are the first of four progressive tennis balls. As the largest and lightest in the series, it is the easiest to make contact with.

Red balls (Penn QST 36 & Wilson Starter Red) are slightly larger than the standard ball and travel 75% slower. They are designed for 36′ courts.

Orange balls (Penn QST 60 & Wilson Starter Orange) are the same size as the standard ball, but travel 50% slower. They are designed for 60′ courts.

Green dot balls (Penn Control+ & Wilson Starter Green)  are the same size at the standard ball, but travel 25% slower. They are designed for full length (78′) courts

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Penn QST 60 - Tennis Ball Case
Penn QST 60 - Tennis Ball Case $107.99

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