Adult Racquets Fit Guide

Grip Size Length
L0 (4") 4"
L1 (4 1/8") 4 and 1/8"
L2 (4 1/4") 4 and 2/8"
L3 (4 3/8") 4 and 3/8"
L4 (4 1/2") 4 and 4/8"
L5 (4 5/8") 4 and 5/8"

To determine your grip size without using a racquet, measure from the tip of your ring finger to the major fold crease in your palm. Write down the distance to the nearest 8th of an inch. This is your standard grip size.

Grip size palm measurements for tennis racquets

If you fall somewhere between the measurements, it is recommended to choose the smaller grip size as you can always build the grip size up using an overgrip or a grip build-up sleeve.

For more information, please read our article: How To Select Your Grip Size