28th Anniversary

April 15th, 2020

28 yrs. It seems like yesterday the lease was signed for our first store. From the days of stringing racquets for local club members, to retailing at the Rogers Cup in Toronto, to selling tennis products across our country 24/7, it has been quite a journey. And today as we look back on our 28 yrs it is a difficult day in our tennis communities across the country. Most if not all community and private clubs are closed and we are staying indoors to only dream of the day when we can get back on the court with our friends and family to enjoy the game we all love. We want to thank our fantastic clients and supporters, all of the coaches we work with and club executives. We want to thank the Ontario Tennis Association for our relationship which spans almost our entire 28 years. We want to thank Tennis Canada for the years we worked closely together at the Rogers Cup in Toronto and to all of our manufacturer’s representatives and the companies they work for. Most especially we want to thank the wonderful staff that has come and gone over the years. So many people have had a hand in our success over the past 28 yrs and we appreciate each and every person. With that thought I sign off wishing everyone the best of health and patience while we wait for this storm to pass and the sun to shine on your local tennis court.

Pam Horwood
Merchant of Tennis