Product Category Missing Check (edited via code and j-test collection)
Adult Racquets without certain tags:

Product Tag Missing Check: Products without a tag (edited via code)
Adult Racquets without headsize tags:

Adult Racquets without weight tags:

Adult Racquets without headsize tags:

Junior Racquets without length tags:
[Prince Tour 100P Junior 25"]—

Apparel without tops/bottoms tag:

Shoes without surface tag:

Shoes without weight tags:

Strings without material tags:

Strings without gauges tags:

Bags without type tags:
[Head Tour Team Shoe Sack Black/Silver]— [Head Tour Team Pickleball Supercombi]— [Lacoste Break Point Black Backpack]— [Lacoste Break Point Navy Backpack]—

Tennis Balls without surface tags:

List of types racquets:

Racquet|J Racquet|Sq Racquet|Pickleball Racquet|Badm Rqt|J SQ Racquet

List of types footwear:

Shoe|M Shoe|T Shoe|M Ten Shoe|L TShoe|L Shoe|J Shoe|M Ind Shoe|L Ind Shoe|J Ind Shoe

List of types Clothing:

Crew|Polo|Tee|Short|Shirt|Top|Shorts|Arm Sleeves|Boxer Brief|Compression Tight|Longsleeve Crew|1/2 Zip Longsleeve|Jacket|Pant|T Shirt|Hoody|Suit|1/4 Zip Longsleeve|Henley|Longsleeve Tee|Longsleeve Top|Full Zip Hoody|Zip Hoody|Dress|Tank|Skort|Skirt|Bra|Skirt/Short|Short Sleeve|Cap Sleeve Top|Skapri|Capri|L Pants|Racerback Tank|L Polo|Tight|Thong|Bikini|Boyshort|Sleeveless Polo|V Neck Tee|Vest|Sleeveless Top|Mock Sleeve Top|3/4 Sleeve Top|Longsleeve|Legging|Crop Legging|Short Sleeve Top|J Tee|J Short|J Polo|Crew Tee|J Pant|J Hoody|G Skort|G Hoody|G Tee|G Jacket|G Pant|J Tight|G Top|J Cap Sleeve|J Tank|J Top|J Skirt|G tank

List of types Clothing accessories:

Hat|J Hat|Visor|Wristband|Headband|Head Tie|Hairband|Hair Tie|Socks|M Socks|L Socks|Glove

List of types Racquet & Other Accessories: (Not clothing)

Grip|R.Grip|Trainer|Radar|Ball|Roller|Band|Tester|Towel|Waterbottle|Eyewear|Sunscreen|Grip Build Up|Overgrip|Dampener|Sensor|Ladder|Access|Arm Band|Support|Rosin|Lead Tape|Tape|Saver|Head Tape

List of types strings:

String|Half Set|Full Set

List of types balls and court equipment:

Tenn Balls|Tennis Net|Case|Crt Supp|Ball Basket|Hopper|Pickleball Net|Ball Tube Bottom|Sq Balls|Ball Tube|Birds|Net|Revive