Babolat Pure Drive Racquets 2018

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"Fear will always hold you back"

2018 Babolat Pure Drive Logo


Conquer your fear. Brave anything. Dare to risk everything.

Pick up a Pure Drive and feel the pure power. Give yourself the confidence on court to achieve total domination.

Pure Drive Technology

  • Frame String Interaction (FSI) Technology: FSI provides a tighter stringing pattern in the sweet spot and works with the optimized Woofer System to allow for better control and feel of the ball.
  • Elliptic Geometry: The elliptical frame shape offers high resistance to twisting and bending for optimal power.
  • Cortex Pure Feel: Babolat’s Cortex Pure Feel is powered by SMAC: better vibration dampening thanks to new material integrated in the graphite of the racquet that provides an incredible sound and more direct feel during at impact.
  • Woofer System: The first and most effective frame-string link system: a longer ball-string contact time for greater control and a sensation of comfort.