Closed Throat Racquets

HEAD Graphene XT Xenon Slimbody 120

By decreasing the beam thickness of the frame by 30% (especially at the top of the head) flexibility, control, aerodynamics and maneuverability are all enhanced. This racquet is designed for strong singles players that play close to the walls. The ultra slim frame designs makes picking balls off of the walls a cinch.

This frame has been continually and thoroughly tested in HEAD's quality assurance program and has been shown that durability has not been sacrificed with the thinner beam. 

Graphene XT further contributes to the frames maneuverability. By increasing the swingweight (more effortless power compared to previous models) of the racquet the frame can maintain the same weight and balance, preserving effortless retrieval and follow through.

HEAD Graphene Xenon 135

Compared to the  the racquets in Head's Cyano line the Xenon 135 offers a tighter string pattern for greater control and shot precision. This mid-weight, mid-head size frame makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of doubles or singles players. Plus, the head heavy balance allows for easy power generation for beginners, but also added power potential for more advanced players who can harness it. New, lower price for the season!

Teardrop Racquets

HEAD Graphene XT Cyano 110

At 110 g weight, this lightweight racquet offers better maneuverability without sacrificing power. The power is generated from its teardrop-shaped head and Graphene XT technology. The teardrop shape creates elongated main strings which are able to move more, increasing the trampolining effect and ultimately power potential. As well, it provides greater shot consistency and forgiveness. For these reasons, this is an excellent option for beginners or more experienced players looking for a lightweight racquet with lots of power potential.

Graphene XT further increases the swingweight of the frame by re-distributing the weight of the frame to the top and handle. This adds power potential without changing the weight or balance of the frame - as was needed in the past. 

HEAD Graphene XT Cyano 120

WIth everything being identical to the Head Graphene XT Cyano 110 (balance, string pattern, beam width and flexibility) the additional 10 grams provides more power. By increasing the mass behind the ball, greater force (power) can be generated with the same swing speed.

All Cyano frames include CT2 technology. These extra long rails at the shaft of the frame create an eight-peak corrugated pattern which increase the stiffness of the frame and therefore power potential.

HEAD Ignition 135

With its teardrop-shaped head shape and even balance, the Head Ignition 135 provides great power potential. The elongated main strings are able to move more at impact, increasing the trampolining effort and ultimately the power at release. An excellent frame for beginners or recreational players, the 135 g weight and relatively wide beam width, makes for a durable frame.

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