With so many different racquets on the market, buying a racquet as a gift for someone may seem like a daunting task. However, armed with a bit of information about your giftee’s tennis game and using the categories below as a guide, checking the tennis player off your gift giving list will be a breeze!

New to the Game

If you are buying a racquet for someone that is relatively new to the sport of tennis, you should select a racquet that won’t be too challenging for them to use to start their tennis journey. It will be good to ensure that they will not grow out of the racquet too fast either. Generally, a beginner will want a racquet that is on the lighter end of the spectrum and that has bigger sweet spot. (A bigger head-size = bigger sweet spot). If they plan on taking lessons they will likely improve quickly and might be able to handle a racquet from the "Movin' up the Ladder" category to start. Here are some of our top racquet choices for players that are new to the game:


Movin’ Up the Ladder

Players in this category will be experienced players but may or may not playing competitively. Many players fall into this category and therefore there are a lot of racquets on the market that cater towards this type of player. Determining which racquet to select will come down to what the player wants out of their racquet. A little more power, a touch more control, or maybe a little more potential for topspin. You as the gift giver might not have the answers to all of these questions, however, most racquets in this category will appeal to a wide range of different playing styles. Here are our top choices for players that are looking to "move up the ladder:"


Play like a Pro

Likely if you have a competitive tennis player on your gift list, they will have given you some guidance on the type of racquet that they looking for. Generally advanced players like racquets that emphasize control over power. These racquets will typically be on the heavier end of the weight spectrum, have a balance that is more headlight and have a frame that is more flexible. Here are our racquet picks for those players that are looking to “play like a pro:”


If the racquet you chose is not exactly the racquet your gift receiver had been hoping for, keep in mind that all unstrung racquets with the original packaging intact can be exchanged. Please see our return policy for more information. 

Looking for more information? Check out our product advice page that features many more blogs. Learn about different racquet technologies or what all the different racquet specifications mean.

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