Part of the Burn series endorsed by Simona Halep, Kei Nishikori, Ernests Gulbis and Vasek Pospisil.



 100 sq in / 645.16 sq cm

 10 oz / 283 g (unstrung)

 335 mm/3 points Head Light (unstrung)



 For low intermediate players



See full racquet description


- lightweight, yet stable  - too light for adult players taking lessons, actively improving their strokes
- ease of power on serves  


The Experts' Scores*
*Average score (out of 5) of Merchant of Tennis play-testers; playing level: low intermediate to high intermediate

Category Score
Power 4
Control 3.33
Serve Improvement 4
Serve Responsive 3.67
Groundstroke Improvement 3.67
Groundstroke Response 4
Volley Improvement 3.33
Volley Response 3.67
Maneuverability 4.67
Sweet Spot Location 4
Stability 4
Overall Satisfaction 4

The Details

What Wilson says:

As a part of the Baseliner series, this racquet has been designed for those who base their game around their groundstrokes and want a racquet that accelerates their power. Ideally it is for big hitters looking to control their power. The Burn 100LS is lightweight and maneuverable with power and has great access to spin and power in a maneuverable package.


Parallel Drilling:
Provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot.

X2 Shaft:
Offers a longer handle to give two-handed backhands better feel and leverage. Also features a narrower shaft for quicker grip changes.

Spin Effect Technology (S.E.T.):
Using fewer cross strings than main strings, this technology allows the main strings to deflect more for maximum snap-back. The result is massive spin punctuated by balls that dive very sharply. This is the first racquet system that actually increases ball RPM without players needing to radically change their swing speed.

How does the Wilson Burn 100LS differ from other Wilson frames?

There is nothing that compares to the Burn series within Wilson's catalogue. As a series it sits between the Blade and Steam series. In general, it has similar specifications to the Steam series; however, it is more control-oriented and flexible like the Blade series. Specifically the Burn 100 LS offers a lighter, more maneuverable option for those looking for a well-rounded racquet.

Our play-testers' opinion:

The Wilson Burn 100LS was thoroughly enjoyed by our play-testers, with an overall satisfaction rating of 4. With its novel concept and design, each play-tester was pleasantly surprised with its overall performance.


Our play-testers were especially impressed with how stable it was, given its light weight. Even with varied pace and shot selection, our play-testers felt this racquet provided a solid and consistent feel.

In fact, they overwhelmingly thought that their serves were improved with this racquet. They felt the racquet was able to cut through the air quickly, adding some extra ease of power when needed. Similarly with their groundstrokes, spin potential was greatly magnified. Due to the maneuverable nature of the frame, in addition to the S.E.T., each play-tester discovered that they could produce effortless and powerful spin.

Even with the added power potential, our play-testers noticed that control was not compromised. 


Even though our play-testers had a positive experience with the Wilson Burn 100LS, they felt that those who were taking lessons and actively improving their game might like a racquet with a bit more weight.

Bottom Line:

Overall the 2015 Wilson Burn 100LS offers an excellent combination of spin, power, control and maneuverability. We would suggest this racquet to low intermediate adult players or high-intermediate junior players.

We think this racquet is worth a demo for those that are fans of the Wilson Blade 104, but looking for more control. Or for those who liked the Babolat Pure Drive Lite, but are looking for more spin potential.

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Merchant of Tennis Play-Test Team

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