What is new this year?

Without sacrificing the durability and stability that the Barricade line is known for, Adidas has modified a few critical technologies to enhance overall feel and comfort. These technologies include: adiTUFF 360 and the Barricade Chassis.

AdiTUFF 360 replaces the former rubber forefoot guard with TPU. This change decreases the overall weight of the shoe while increasing durability and toe drag protection. To combat the Barricade’s former rigidity, the Barricade Chassis was introduced. This stability system extends through the midfoot to the heel, leaving the forefoot free to naturally flex.

The Model:

Barricade 2015: The 2015 version of the Barricade are more comfortable and more responsive than ever before. With the barricade chassis providing torsional support and stability in the midfoot, it leaves the forefoot to move and flex naturally. With these added benefits, players will still maintain the same iconic Barricade durability that we have all come to know and expect.

  • Upper: The Ballistic mesh upper with welded TPU on top gives the shoe breathability, support and abrasion resistance.
  • Insole: Molded dual-density adiPRENE EVA insole.
  • Midsole: adiPRENE and adiPRENE + cushioning element in the rearfoot and forefoot. Barricade Chassis for superior support and maximum stability.
  • Outsole: adiWEAR 6 high abrasion rubber delivers maximum outsole durability. Non marking outsole.
  • Weight: 14.9 oz (size 10.5).

Barricade Team 4: The Barricade Team 4 upper is composed of breathable mesh and synthetic materials for lightweight support and ventilation. Extra protection is provided for the medial side and toe; the adiWEAR outsole offers exceptional durability as well. No break in time required for this shoe.

  • Upper: Welded TPU upper for support and abrasion resistance.
  • Midsole: adiPRENE and adiPRENE + cushioning element in rearfoot and forefoot. Extended TORSION SYSTEM to enhance midfoot technology
  • Outsole: adiWEAR 6 outsole provides excellent durability, especially in high-wear areas.
  • Weight: 14.3 ounces (size 10.5)

Stella McCartney Barricade 2015: The Stella McCartney Barricade 2015 tennis shoe features a full mesh knit upper which provides breathability and style. With adiPRENE in the heel, the shock absorbing cushioning reduces the risk of injury and gives your foot a plush yet responsive ride. With a sleek, quick cosmetic, this shoe will provide you with the confidence to move aggressively on the court. On top of all that, the durable outsole is backed by the adiWEAR 6 month outsole durability guarantee.

  • Upper: Newly designed mesh upper for overall comfort with an internal bootie to add stability for lateral movements. 360 degree RPU upper material for improved comfort and flexibility.
  • Midsole: adiPRENE insert for comfort and shock absorption, adiPRENE+ for forefoot propulsion and efficiency. Extended TORSION SYSTEM to enhance midfoot integrity.
  • Outsole: Durable outsole in high wear areas made for abrasive courts providing a secure grip and backed by the adiWEAR 6-month outsole warranty.

Barricade V Classic: The Barricade V offers an excellent level of lateral support and stability thanks to the combination of Adidas’ Torsion System and Claw supports on the lateral side of the forefoot. The Barricade V Classic is quite possibly the ultimate hard court shoe and is an ideal choice for the aggressive player who tends to put a lot of abuse on their tennis shoes.

  • Upper: Synthetic leather upper for light weight and durability. Extensive use of mesh in the vamp, tongue, forefoot and heel provides ventilation and lightweight performance. Beefed up toe bumper provides excellent protection against toe-drag.
  • Lining: Textile lining for comfort and blister protection.
  • Midsole: adiPRENE+ insert for forefoot propulsion and efficiency. Extended TORSION SYSTEM for midfoot and forefoot integrity. Feathered construction allowing for ultimate performance on aggressive lateral cuts.
  • Outsole: adiWEAR 6 for the best durability in high-wear areas.

Technologies Explained:

AdiPRENE +: Located in the forefoot, this elastic and highly responsive cushioning allows for high energy return with all movements on the court. 

AdiPRENE: In the typical gait cycle, the heel takes most of the shock at impact. Located in the heel of the shoe, adiPRENE cushioning dampens the shock, resulting in greater comfort on the court.

Barricade Chassis: Replacing the Stablity Claw (found in the forefoot), this redesigned stability system has been placed through the midfoot and extended towards the heel. By shifting this system to the rear of the foot, the forefoot becomes more flexible, allowing for greater ease of movement and a more natural motion.

Extended TORSIONAL SYSTEM: Placed in the midfoot, under the arch, this two-prong TPU bridge has been designed to allow the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently. With one prong supporting the lateral foot, while the other supports the medial foot, lateral stabilty is enhanced.

3D TORSION: Placed in the midfoot, under the arch, this one-prong TPU bridge has been designed to allow the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently. With a one prong system, the overall flexibility of the shoe increases and break in time decreases.

adiTUFF 360: This forefoot upper guard, previously made of rubber, has been upgraded with TPU. This change decreases the overall weight of the shoe yet increases durability and toe drag protection. By combining this plastic guard with a mesh underlay, breathability and flexibility have also been magnified to provide greater comfort on the court.

360 RPU: This upper guard made of RPU (rigid polyurethane) wraps around the entire upper of the shoe to provide maximum durability and flexibility. COmbined with the engineered mesh, internal bootie construction and TPU heel stabilizer, the overall fit of the shoe is enhanced. The mesh underlay provides greater breathability and moisture wicking capabilities, keeping your foot cool throughout your match. The internal bootie adheres the tonque of the sides of the shoe providing a more snug and natural fit. The TPU heel stabilizer provides a more snug and sturdy fit, holding the foot in place.

adiWEAR 6: Without compromising the durability known from Adidas, this updated outsole has improved grip and traction yet offers a decreased weight.

Whats coming next?

Energy Boost. What started as a running shoe cushioning technology will soon be offered in the Barricade line. This revolutionized system has changed the midsole material from EVA to TPU to provide an active cushioning system. Based on a study from the University of Calgary, Boost offers three key benefits: greater energy return, extended durability and temperature independence.

Boost is made up of TPU beads (lightweight, clear foam pellets) which are steamed together to make a dynamic cushioning bed. When compressed, these TPU beads rebound, or spring back, to their original shape much faster than EVA providing a greater energy return. On the court this means your movements are quicker and more effortless.

With time EVA wrinkles and loses its integrity. It was therefore shown to have a decreased durability, as compared to TPU. Since the TPU beads are steamed together it doesn’t break down as quickly, providing an extended durability. In fact, Adidas maintains that you’ll experience the same feel, responsiveness and cushioning for up to 500 km of wear with Boost.

Lastly, regardless of temperature Boost will maintain its performance. Other cushioning systems, like EVA, tend to break down in extreme cold or heat. Boost will respond the same in temperatures from -20C to +40C.


Check out the 2015 Adidas footwear collection here.

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