What is new this year?

Babolat has introduced a unique  construction platform called the BPM (beats per minute) system.  It is collection of technologies that lets every player, no matter the game style, move to “their own rhythm” on court by personalizing the fit and providing a fast, responsive feel that flexes naturally with your foot. It enables players to boost their footwork by focusing on thee key aspects of the shoe’s construction: forefoot, lateral support and the exclusive Michelin outsole.

The Models:

Propulse BPM (All Court) – Packed with the most cutting-edge technology, this ultra innovative, all-surface shoe is designed for players that are looking for support, performance and durability. Except for the outsole, the entire shoe has been redesigned for the 2015 season. The foot belt system has been modifed to only include one midfoot strap. In lieu of the heel strap, the midfoot shanks have been elongated through the back of the heel. This allows for a much closer fit in the heel, along with a much more torsional stability. Overall the shoe has had a 10% reduction in weight. Lastly, the shoe fits slightly smaller, and may require you to purchase a half size larger shoe this year.

Propulse Team BPM –  The Propulse Team BPM (previously known as V-Pro) offers great support and comfort. Durability is enhanced with a Michelin-designed rubber outsole and Pro Shield technology to give you extra protection where you need it most. With the same cushioning as the Propulse, yet at a slightly lighter weight, the Propulse Team BPM makes for a nice performing option for the avid tennis enthusiast.

Pulsion BPM -The Pulsion BPM (previously known as  Drive) features synthetic materials on the upper for good support and comfort right out of the box. VibraKill technology in the midsole protects your body against the effects of harsh landings on court, while the modified herringbone tread pattern on the outsole provides great traction on any court surface. This flexible and very low-to-the-ground shoe is an excellent model for club players.

Technologies Explained:

Kompressor System: High-performance shock absorption thanks to the TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) tube compressing system. It acts the same as other “pocket coil” systems; each TPR tube individually compresses at impact.

Vibra Kill: A shock absorbing cup system placed in the heel. At impact the cup flattens to absorb shock and provide ultimate comfort.

Michelin Performance: Developed in collaboration with Michelin researchers, and directly inspired by road rally tyres, Babolat outsoles are designed to give players long-lasting, exceptional performance. The outsole’s shape and thickness, specific sculptures and rubber make-up are all important variables that make the outsoles of Babolat tennis shoes so outstanding.

OSC2: One shoe, two treads. The dual treads, with different shape and surface area distribution, allow for the perfect balance between gripping and sliding on the court. As well, you’ll find extended durability thanks to the compact, uniform mesh-like tread.

TI-Fit: Optimal material distribution based on tennis players’ footwork, the new TI-Fit (Tennis Inside) feature provides strategically positioned support (heel, instep, forefoot) for precise, sure footing and comfortable flexing and bending of the foot.

Side 2 Side: Asymmetric, high rebound EVA Insert adapted to the different foot needs for a more dynamic forefoot. This gives players a more explosive rebound and energy transfer after each step.

Cell Shield: High performance rubber material that combines smaller, more densely concentrated cells on the inner part of the foot and larger, more spread out cells on the upper part to give players greater durability while maintaining flexibility and comfort.

Soft Shield: High performance, high abrasion material that combines with cloth material to give players greater breathability, flexibility, comfort and durability.

Pro Shield: A harder, more durable version of cell shield. This plastic based, abrasion guard provides excellent durability in high wear areas of the shoe.

Ortholite: Memory-shape insole for instant comfort that lasts on and on.

Dynamic Sole: EVA insole / rubber for long-lasting comfort and energy restitution.

Foot Belt: This strap system provides extra support around the instep to precisely meet players’ need for an extra secure hold and to guarantee a truly custom fit.


 Check out the 2015 Babolat footwear collection here.

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