Whats new this year?

Wilson has joined forces with Saloman, another division of Amer Sports, and their research and development teams. Based out of France, these teams are responsible for the rigorous materials testing, prototype testing and custom fitting for all touring pros. This year’s focus is to provide an optimal fit that matches the speed of the game. That means the footwear lines are lighter and lower to the ground than ever before. Brand new technologies include: Endofit, Dynamic Fit and Pro Torque Chassis.

The Models:

Rush Pro 2.0 – This performance shoe offers lighter, more explosive performance with unmatched stability and control. The Rush Pro 2.0 has made a couple of improvements; first and foremost is the bold new design that makes the shoe look as quick and aggressive as it feels. Second, breathability is improved with additional mesh cut-outs in the upper that allow more air to move through the shoe without affecting support and stability. Lastly, there’s a slightly wider fit through the midfoot, more narrow fit in the heel as compared to the previous year to allow for a more secure fit. In addition, the toe box volume has decreased for a more snug fit.

Rush Evo – The Rush Evo is a lighter weight option that offers excellent responsiveness and leaves you feeling connected to your on-court movement. R-DST midsole technology balances cushioning and rebound with every step while the Duralast rubber outsole offers nice traction and durability on any court surface. It offers a conventional tongue and fit, is slightly wider through the midfoot, more narrow fit in the heel to allow for a more secure fit. In addition, the toe box volume has decreased for a more snug fit. With its low to the ground design, the Rush Evo is a nice choice for the club player that wants a shoe that’s light and fast.

nVision – This shoe is the workhorse of your weekly matches. With the Endofit and R-DST+ technology, movement is comfortable and enhanced with every step. In addition, With dynamic comfort and enhanced stability, it’s exactly the dependable shoe you need to get you around the court and own each shot.


Technologies Explained:

3D-F.S: A three dimensional support system that wraps around the entire forefoot to provide unparalleled support for optimum stability in every direction on the court.

2D-F.S: This support system is placed solely over the later (outside) and medial (inside) sides of the forefoot to provide additional lateral support.

Endofit: Features a mesh sleeve that affixes to the tongue and wraps around the foot. There’s enhanced breathability without any unwanted movement and discomfort from the tongue. This contributes to greater overall comfort, stability and a more natural fit. Your foot and shoe are one.

Dynamic Fit: Lowers the difference in height ratio from the toe to the heel in the midsole. This adjusted midsole height helps players stay up on their forefoot for improved movement, improved stability, a lower to the ground ground feel, without compromising the level of cushioning.

Dynamic Fit-DF1: Provides the best forefoot responsiveness and the lowest to the ground court feel.
Heel height = 15 mm
Toe height = 9 mm
Total midsole differential = 6 mm

Dynamic Fit-DF2: Provides great forefoot responsiveness, low to the ground court feel and a dynamic cushioning.
Heel height = 18 mm
Toe height = 9 mm
Total midsole differential = 9 mm

Pro Torque Chassis: Features a TPU (lightweight Thermoplastic Polyurethane) piece inserted into the outsole under the midfoot. This decreases the weight of the shoes while providing tremendous torsional control. This results in greater stability for explosive lateral movement.

R-DST: A combination of rubber and EVA (soft and flexible material designed to absorb shock) that provides stellar cushioning and a responsive feel.

R-DST+: A combination of rubber and a denser EVA (soft and flexible material designed to absorb shock) for additional responsiveness.

Duralast: With the new “all court” pattern it improves court traction and grip for maximum wear and durability. Although the same material is used, as previous years, the overall weight has been decreased for more effortless movement.

3D Arch Support: A bridge thats sits under the arch to provide support and ensure the shoe flexes in the metatarsal areas.

Women’s Specific Support (WSS): Engineered to deliver enhanced support and stability specifically to meet the needs of women. The medial (inside) side features an elongated TPU heel counter and molded sock liner.


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