Reviewed by: Alfredo
Favourite Player: Marat Safin
Racquet: Yonex Vcore Tour 97
Strings: Wilson Revolve 17
Shoes: Barricade Boost 2016

Times are turbulent: oil prices constantly fluctuate and with it the Canadian Dollar's value, Roger Federer is recovering from knee surgery and Nadal can't even make the finals of smaller clay tournaments. True to its name however, the Adidas Barricade line of shoes provide asylum to those who seek familiarity and reliability.

Dating back to 2000 and worn by that year's U.S. Open winner Marat Safin, Barricades have emerged among professionals and weekend-warriors as a top choice when braving the trials on the tennis court. Just ask Andy Murray who couldn't resist the Sirens' call, or in this case, the Barricades' screech, despite his Under Armour sponsorship in 2015. Names like Madonna, Serena, Roger evoke a range of images and emotions; Barricades likewise inform the person of durability, stability and support, not to mention prices remaining unchanged unlike other products.

Here's the lineup carried by Merchant of Tennis:

Barricade Boost 2016

The direct successor to the Barricades enjoyed by top touring pros like Tsonga and Wozniacki, these shoes provide all the necessary protection for toe-draggers and sliders without the bulk or rigidity. Unlike other shoes that require a break-in period, these Barricades are good to go out of the box. In fact, if not for aesthetic adjustments, like changing the mesh cutouts on last year's model from circular to dashes to create a faster look (perception is reality right?), these Barricades would be identical to last year's Barricade Boost in fit, support, comfort and durability. Ever resistant to change, the 6-month out-sole warranty returns for added security. Unarguably the greatest Barricade yet.


Barricade 2016

To Boost or not to Boost, that is the question. The only difference between the regular Barricade and its sibling with Boost is the noticeably comfier ride on the court: is that added comfort throughout the summer grind worth the premium? Everything else from fit to the 6-month out-sole warranty remains the same.

 adidas Women's Stella McCartney 2016 Barricade

Barricade Classic Bounce

Is there a more prevalent discussion in sports than one involving The Greatest of All Time? Djokovic's 2015 or Roger's 2006 when he went 92-5? The Barricade V returned in 2014 because many enthusiasts felt that it was the G.O.A.T. Barricade despite the break-in period necessitated by a stiff upper and considerable weight. Addressing those concerns, the Classic Bounce has no break-in period and is almost three ounces lighter than its predecessor all the while retaining the support and stability. Bounce technology in the mid-sole also improves on the comfort of the Barricade V.


Barricade Club

To be part of a team is to be part of a club and fans of the Barricade Team will feel right at home with this shoe. The Club is the lightest of the Barricades and gives players who are unsure whether they'll put their shoes through its paces an option to enjoy the Barricade pedigree. The shoe is ready for play out of the box so that no court time is wasted getting a feel for the shoe and breaking them in. With the summer season soon arriving, is there a better way to welcome its splendours and rigours and league matches than with Barricades?


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