Stringer's Feature

Luxilon Element 125

Element is the softest string in the Luxilon range. The use of Multi-Mono Technology adds a little more flexibility, thus taking out some of the harsher feel associated with polyester string. Perfect for big hitters who don’t want to sacrifice too much touch and feel.

Wilson Sensation Plus

A new adaptation of Wilson’s best selling Sensation string. Everything great about Sensation is retained but with the addition of metallic ribbons around the ultra elastic fibres that make up the string, thereby adding durability without sacrificing performance.

For a limited time:

Choose either string in our Racquet Stringing Service and we'll string it at Syn Gut pricing!*

String a NEW Racquet

*Some restrictions apply. "Syn Gut pricing" refers to stringing costs for Wilson Synthetic Gut Power String Set. Offer only applies to stringing service's Luxilon Element 125 and Wilson Sensation Plus stringing options.